Traditional Chinese medicine treatment
  • Cervical cancer is one of the common gynecological diseases. To improve the survival rate of patients with cervical cancer, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are very important. However, in clinic, many patients with cervical cancer develop to advanced stage because of uncontrolled early condition, which is difficult to treat. But patients should not be afraid. Choosing appropriate treatment can still reduce pain. In the treatment of cervical cancer, traditional Chinese medicine plays an important role with its unique advantages, helping many patients to reduce pain and prolong life. Chinese medicine treatment is one of the most commonly used treatment methods for patients with cervical cancer. It can be used for patients with cervical cancer at various stages. For patients with early cervical cancer, although surgery can remove the focus, it does not mean that they have recovered after surgery. Early use of Chinese medicine treatment after surgery can not only effectively remedy the shortcomings of surgery, but also proceed from the whole and treat according to syndrome differentiation. To improve the therapeutic effect, reduce the recurrence rate, and improve the survival of patients. For patients with cervical cancer, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are also relatively common treatment methods, which can control the condition and improve symptoms to a certain extent, but we all know that radiotherapy and chemotherapy have certain toxic and side effects. If timely cooperated with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, it can enhance the therapeutic effect, reduce toxic and side effects, and help patients complete the whole treatment process. TCM treatment of cervical cancer, especially advanced cervical cancer patients. TCM treatment has a strong overall concept. On the one hand, dialectical treatment can suppress and kill cancer cells in the body, control the spread and metastasis, on the other hand, strengthen the root, improve the immunity and resistance of the body, and enhance the anti-cancer ability of patients themselves, so as to effectively prolong the survival period of patients and improve the survival of patients.