Radix Codonopsis

Radix Codonopsis

Product introduction

[category] tonic


[Latin] Radix Codonopsis

alias 】 shangdang ginseng, yellow ginseng,

 lion head ginseng, lingcaoDried root

 The evolution of the tunnel&

 was first seen in &the new origin of the grass&.

function governance 】 dangshen: ping; Gansu;

 Spleen and lung channels. It has the function of tonifying qi, 

strengthening spleen and lungs. Used for spleen and lung weakness,

 shortness of breath, palpitation, eating less stool, asthma and cough,

 internal heat to quench thirst

food therapy 】 stewed black chicken with codonopsis pilosula essence

materials 】 a black chicken, yellow essence, codonopsis pilosula 20 grams each

[method] clean the black chicken and cut it into pieces to use with flying water.

 Yellow essence, dangshen clean soak for half an hour. Place chicken pieces in casserole,

 add seasoning, pour in essence of yellow and codonopsis pilosa and the water that immerse medicinal material, 

fire bring to a boil, transfer to low heat slow stew one hour can.