product brief introduction

The native name is yindan grass, which belongs to the labiate family.

 It is the same genus of other dry whole grass, which is mostly born in the wild wetland river side,

 the rhizome is horizontal underground, mostly born in the altitude of 2100 meters,

 but also can grow in the altitude of 3500 meters

major function

Peppermint is spicy, cool and non-toxic. Long-term cooking raw or cooked food,

 can dispel evil toxins, eliminate fatigue, relieve fatigue, make the population fragrant and clean.

 It can also treat phlegm and various kinds of cold. In addition, Decoction and washing can cure knee sores,

 juice extract can remove wind fever and dental diseases,

 pound into juice to remove bitterness and astringency of tongue coating, use leaves to stuff nose,

 stop bleeding, and treat bee stings and snake bites.