Product Brief

[Category] Rosaceae


[Latin] Rosarugosa Thunb

Wandering flower, pen flower, Lake Flower

Fruit and root

[Functional Indications] Sweet, slightly bitter, warm. Guigan, spleen meridian,

 for chest and abdominal distension pain and breast distension pain and other symptoms,

 applicable to liver-qi depression, chest tightness and liver-stomach discord, epigastric distension pain, 

belching is soothing and other symptoms. It has the function of dispersing blood stasis,

 root can be used as medicine. It has the function of qi, promoting blood circulation,

 astringency, etc. It mainly treats irregular menstruation, injury caused by falls, 

stomachache caused by liver-qi, swelling and pain of breast, etc.

 Rose tea

[Efficacy] It has the effect of soothing liver and regulating qi. 

Suitable for spring health care or chronic liver disease patients, stomach and liver pain people to drink

[Material] 3-5 roses, appropriate amount of honey

[Method] Put the rose in the tea bowl, add boiling water, cover the bowl, soak for 5 minutes, and add honey.

【Quality characteristics】

'Bitter rose' is one of China's four big rose strains, rosaceae, is blunt tooth rose and the natural hybrid of traditional Chinese rose, 

semidouble rose flower, also known as 'China's bitter more semidouble red roses', belongs to the Asian qing scent, 

growth between 1600-2400 meters above sea level, is the world's rare plateau natural rose varieties. 

Bitter water rose is a kind of both food and medicine, which is a typical representative of Oriental fragrance. 

The receptacle is small and pot-shaped, and the flesh of the petals is fresh, dark pink, 

and the fragrance is unique and rich. Each single flower has 18-24 petals. Dry buds full, 

sepals yellow and green color, buds purple red, faint scent. It is characterized by lush growth, 

bright color, strong aroma, high yield and oil yield, and strong stress resistance. 

The flower and root of rose can be used as medicine, having the effect of soothing qi and blood, 

soothing liver and relieving depression.


The average moisture content of bitter rose was about 83%, polysaccharide mass fraction was about %,

 reducing sugar mass fraction was about 4.51%, flavonoids mass fraction was about 4.41%, 

polyphenol mass ratio was about 91 mg/g, and total DNA mass ratio was about 5.45 mg / 100g. In addition, 

bitter-water rose also has strong antioxidant capacity [6]. The extraction rate of essential oil, 

tea polyphenols and amino acids are twice as high as those of common red rose [7], 

and the oil yield ranges from 3.5 to 4 parts per million.


【Origin of environment】

Yongdeng county is located in the central gansu province, the suburb of the northwest of lanzhou city. 

It is an important town on the ancient silk road, the eastern gateway of hexi corridor and the pivot of Eurasia. 

Territory of the terrain from the northwest to the southeast slope, the average altitude of 2,000 meters, 

temperate continental climate, four distinct seasons, full sunshine, winter without cold, summer without heat, 

mild climate, the average annual rainfall is less, is a semi-arid area. Landform in the territory for the loess gully, 

the soil to secondary loess and lime calcium soil, mostly slightly alkaline or neutral.