Product Brief

[Category] Laxative

[Pinyin] DA HUANG

[Latin] Radix et Rhizoma Rhei

Huang Liang, Huoshen, General, Jinwen Rhubarb, Sichuan Army and Jun

[Medicinal parts] Roots and rhizomes

[Evolution of Underground Tunnels] was first published in the Shennong Herbal Classic and listed as the following

Rhubarb: cold; bitter; return to the spleen, liver, stomach, large intestine, pericardium.

It has the functions of Purging Heat and dredging intestines,

 cooling blood and detoxifying, and relieving congestion and dysmenorrhea.

 For damp-heat constipation, stagnation of abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysentery, damp-heat jaundice,

 hemorrhagic vomiting, red eyes, swollen throat, intestinal carbuncle and abdominal pain,

 carbuncle and coagulation, congestion amenorrhea, injury, external treatment of water and fire scald;

 upper gastrointestinal tract hemorrhage.

Rhubarb Peony Tea

[Efficacy] Diarrhea, detoxification, clearance and purulence.

[Indications] Intestinal carbuncle, less abdominal swelling

[Materials] Rhubarb 1g, peony bark 3g, peach kernel 3g, jasmine tea 3g, sugar appropriate amount.

[Method] Rhubarb and peony bark. Peach kernels are boiled in 300 ml water for 5 minutes and then brewed with tea and sugar.

 Drink until tasteless.